14年夏季 中美黑客马拉松

本次的中美黑客马拉松活动以 "连接未来 Connect to the Future" 为主题,在48小时内产生了30多个优秀项目。







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1 智能信号 Signals Intelligence

红外遥控-智能家居 团队成员: 王宏涛




what's this? 
It's a new IR remote control device .It can take the place of remote-control unit. You can use it by wifi.So you have many method to control you home appliance.

How to use it? 
You can use Pc or Smart Phone to control the home appliance.You can make a schedules to autocontrol the device.



2 皇母娘娘Live  Moegami Live

团队成员: 魏景军 姜福铎 贾新彬


"Moegami Live" is a Emoji music mobile game(*°∀°)=3.Nyan-nyan, a cartoon rock dancer girl in game, the Chinese Godess of "Journey to the West".With Unity3D engine, easy gameplay by one finger, Hope 90s & 00s non-core light-weight game players love it. 

mmexport1407664778776 mmexport1407664783087 mmexport1407664788458 QQ截图2014081013035288






3 有求必应

团队成员: 吴松磊 邹昕 金可伟


Everyonehelpeveryone committed to bring some little warmth between strangers,in this era of social networking.In here, you can freely write a little reques:recommended lunch;working support;game guide;dinner accompanied……. even more secretive thoughts or quirks:for EX send a good night; Sing a strange song;unlock the hearts of the dark side……your request will be anonymous to us a reliable partner to complete , in return, you will need to complete his reques for another little stranger. We believe that this positive interaction will create a better life.




4 Ulink

团队成员: 徐文超  郭耿瑞  王鹤 王伟达 朱艺超 


随着智能家居的发展,各类控制方案不断涌现,伴随的是每个公司各自开发的控制APP,它们多数操作方式各异而复杂,既不符合用户的操作习惯,也不能保证一定的安全性。 而我们的Demo,利用WebSocket和微信公众平台的接口,在保证安全的情况下通过向公众号发送文字消息,语音消息或直接点击自定义菜单,即可控制连接在pcDuino上LED的开和关,普通插座的断和开,以及读取各类传感器的实时数据。

Along with the rapid development of Smart Home,many companies come out to develop the solutions,one of them is the control.In this market, there are so many kinds of Apps to control smart home.They are neither in line with people's operating habits, nor could guarantee certain security.However, by our demo, taking advantage of the API between WebSocket and WeChat, people don't need to learn how to use it and the security is under control.You can send voice/text command messages to our public wechat platform or click the menu button on the bottom to send your command.In this way, it makes it possible for text or voice control of LED, as well as reading the data on the sensors from the pcDuino.

ulink  ulink1 ulink2

 ulink3 ulink4 ulink5


5 GoSimba 

室内骑行小组   团队成员: 施泽焱 李铎 朱佳静

项目描述: 考虑到环境恶化,安全因素,旅行需求,我们设计了一款模拟室外骑行效果的室内骑行设备。首先,直接利用地图街景,而不是画出来的虚拟场景,通过Google的Cardboard,或者Oculus分屏传递给人眼,营造接近现实的视觉效果。 


For many people who love outdoor sports, the flexible weather and the hostile environment can ruin a long-expected plan of outdoor exercising. What we want to do is to amend this shortage of outdoor sports and make people can do the same thing at home. 

With the help of Cardboard and Oculus, we can give people virtual-reality experience of the street view. And thus, we can build a virtual scene that is close to the real world. 

In our program, we have made a home-cycling system that can help people to establish the outdoor scenes. When people are cycing at home, our system can present users the scene that is thousands of miles away from here.

get the speed by light sensor interaction between oculus and street view on PC(something wrong of the VGA to big screen)

streetView on PC(it will be one at naked eye with the help of Oculus)

the streetview image on Cardboard is changing when riding

use bluno to transmit the speed to smartphone


6 AnyShoot

团队:A.S.Team 成员:唐宏洋 焦伟  Arkansol 王迪  黄安杰 

AnyShoot 是一款手机配件,只要将你的手机安装到 AnyShoot 上,你就拥有了一件体感射击外设。 

AnyShoot 的安装十分简单,仅需要把手机固定到顶部,并将控制线插入耳机插孔即可。 


AnyShoot 适用于 Oculus Rift 虚拟现实显示器,让你在一个虚拟的世界中进行真实到不可思议的射击游戏或军事训练。 


使用你的 AnyShoot 同样很简单!将手中的枪对准目标,扣动扳机—-Pia!!后面你都知道了~ ^_^ 

尽情 Happy 吧!

Oculus is an awesome kit, with Oculus DK2 being launched recently, a whole new level of VR is possible. And better VR requires immersive human computer interaction. 

Traditionaly, we can use Wii, Kinect, Leap Motion or Myo for this kind of task. But as everyone have a smartphone, we figured that we should use smartphone as a motion tracking device. (well, smartphone can be replaced by anything, wearable. things that are prevalent) 

So on an Android we gather sensor information (like gyroscope) to calculate the motion, and pass motion with other control signals (like fire, reset) through WLAN to game console. And the game is designed with Unity 3D, and use Oculus/Unity intergration plugins to process the message from smartphone. 

From our experiment we find the control experience to be smooth and accurate. Then we extended this control capability to anything that uses cursor, so a virtual mouse using the same logic is created, and we played Shoot Duck. Again, awesome!

anyshoot_hold anyshoot award hold2 oculus_view or_view scene_view shoot_scene show show2



7 业主邦

yezhubang 超赞的业主社交生活平台,包括线下社交活动,小区商户终端营销,物业合作便民活动,小区的楼道、车库投放广告,中小企业线上向下合作,社交媒体营销等。

 PPT 下载 9_8_业主邦 路演




8 PIC KNOT一份给老人的礼物 PIC KNOT a gift for elds

Pic Knot团队 成员:林鸿 谢敏 刘璐 张志齐 谷玺 周民丰

Pic Knot是一款子女献给老人使用的电子相框,该相框通过在云端(例如Windows Azure微软云)部署的Pic Knot应用(此应用能抓取社交网络例如微博上的照片视频)实现让老人也能实时看到子女小辈在社交网站上发布的照片视频,从而实现子女对父母的实时关爱(Pic Knot的社会价值)。 

Pic Knot相框框硬件为pcDuino或Raspberry Pi等类似微小尺寸电脑板+大小尺寸不等的显示器,在linux或antroid等电视操作系统平台运行PicKnot客户端 app,相当于一台专用途的Smart TV,当然也可以作为专用途机顶盒连接普通TV,这本身就具有商业价值。在数字有线电视系统例如东方有线或中国电信百视通或其他视频网站中加入Pic Knot频道,那么通过PicKnot云端部署的应用,数字有线电视机顶盒和Smart TV也可以实现让所有的家庭中老人都可以实时观看子女在社交网络发布的照片视频,这才是Pic Knot真正的商业价值。 

团队成员 介绍 

谢 敏 上海交通大学媒体与设计学院学生 

刘 璐 上海交通大学媒体与设计学院学生 

张志齐 上海交通大学电子信息与电气工程学院学生 

林 鸿 厦门一中学生 

谷 玺 负责管理运营和市场策划,联接user和designer 

周民丰 上海工程技术大学教师 蘑菇云创客空间会员

Cloud, Picture frame and TV shows, united

PicKnot can be a gift from children to elders. PicKnot syncs with PicKnot backend deployed on cloud(such as Windows Azure) which saves photos and videos posted on children's SNS, shows photos and videos on TV or monitors connected, therefore giving parents a chance to get to know their children's life, closely. (Social value of PicKnot)

PicKnot runs on pcDuinom Raspberry or other mini linux boxes connected with TV or monitors of any size. The PicKnot hardware itself can be a smart TV box itself, which has great business potential. It can also run as an app in existing smart TV platforms or existing video websites, together with PicKnot backend on cloud, PicKnot can also be available to existing users of these platforms. (Business potential of PicKnot) 
Authors Bio 
Min Xie Student at School of Media and Design, SJTU 
Lu Liu Student at School of Media and Design, SJTU 
Zhiqi Zhang Student at School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, SJTU 
Hong Lin Student at Xiamen No.1 High School 
Xi Gu On charge of operation and marketing, connecting user with designer 
Minfeng Zhou Teacher at SUES, Member of Mushroom Cloud Maker Space

69501707 801525487 1380054847DSC08733


9 MuseFace音乐爱好者的分享社交app  MuseFace Music Party Finder

MuseFace develop family团队:陈波 杨擎 李博 祝乐鸣 


A tool help music fans discover and join music party. There are short videos in Museface APP which make share more fun. It will help people find their music soul mate easily

muse1 muse2 muse3 muse4 muse5 muse6




10 中小商户运营管理系统


The system include cashing machine,cloud server and app for grocery store.



11 刷刷 Auto Check-in

明道研发团队: 余知权


Auto Check-in, Automatic Registration and attendance application, consumer applications is now grappling with the Red Sea, is another piece of blue ocean enterprise applications. Automatic Registration and attendance application is a small pilot, so that each working day to do Attendance, just walked into the office on the auto-complete, not going to work time queuing anxious.

13 8 20140810 154751


This is an app idea by my wife for the InnoSpring hackathon. She called it LingJing – Zero Border – and said she wanted a fun app for putting people in front of famous backgrounds with just hand gestures on Google Glass. Lately, communication apps that let you have fun communicating with your friends and family are very popular with her and the market in general, so this is a fun addition!

To start the app, tap on your Google Glass to wake it up, say "OK Glass" then "LingJing." The display will show the camera preview with centering marks. Take a picture by tapping the Google Glass. Next a famous background will show up and a paint brush. Swipe your hand up and down in front of the camera to paint the previous picture into this one. Swipe left and right on the touchpad to make the painted area wider. Swipe your hand left or right in front of the camera to change famous backgrounds.

Have fun and thanks for checking out our app!




Project 2: Work Hard

FPS shooter game built using Unity 4.2.2 for mobiles, web browsers, pc, laptops 

played by single and multi-players. 


Project 3: GrouponX

An advertising platform that connects groupon backends with publishers

B2B short-term store-renting online platform in China



Project 5: Lend-A-Charge

Find-A-Charge is a simple app that allows users who forget their phone chargers when they are traveling or at social functions to borrow a charger from another user in the vicinity. "Borrowers" can set the type of phone charger that they wish to borrow, as well as the radius within which the app searches for "Lenders".





Project 6: Alton

Automatically generate meal plans that fit your family size and budget. Order ingredients instantly.



Project 7: Learnot

An online education platform where user can build an online lesson in minutes.


Project 8: Leap Pusheen

Welcome to Leap Pusheen, a 2-dimensional side-scroller game on the Leap Motion starring everyone's favorite adorable creature, Pusheen the Cat!

One day, Pusheen the Cat was enjoying his typically relaxing day in his house, playing with his favorite balls of yarn, when all of a sudden, an invasion strikes! He couldn't believe his eyes.

Many doge. Such evil. Very greedy. So intrusive. Much yarn. Such gone. Wow. Not amaze. The doge dogs have invaded his territory and gone off with his favorite balls of yarn! Now it's up for Pusheen to pursue such doge and grab his precious yarn back!

The game goes on indefinitely, and you start with 90 health. Whenever you get hit by a doge, you lose some health. Use the power of Leap Motion hand gestures, including waves, pinching, and fist clenching, to grab Pusheen's precious yarn back while protecting himself from the evils of such doge! The more yarn you get back, the higher your score! And the green yarn is worth more points than the purple yarn, so don't miss out on opportunities to snag the green balls!



Project 9: WhatsHapp

The growth of the internet has enabled rapid communication of data across the world which gave birth to incredible online social networks. WhatsHapp is a location based media sharing platform which enables users to post snapshots of current events happening in order to raise awareness and create discussion. Users share information with each other in a message board like format where people can “upvote”, “downvote”, and comment on posts within a radius from their geolocation. Because of this, our product has the potential to disrupt the way people interact and meet people online by taking web interactions and localizing them, thus, allows our platform to bring people who share similar interests together.

Project 10: Hexacat

Augmented code browsing experience in the web

Video: http://hexacatdemo.github.io/


Project 11: Masserapy

Masserapy enables therapeutic massage on the demand, anytime and anywhere. You can also call us "Uber of massage". Masserapy believes everyone deserves a more convenient wellbeing. With just a few clicks, Masserapy’s online platform will match patient with a screened, background-checked and certified professional massage therapist who maintains high customer ratings.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVqltoMYo_c

Website: www.masserapy.com